Online organisation/sharing/gallery sites?

Started Jan 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
jonnie burtoft Contributing Member • Posts: 533
Re: Online organisation/sharing/gallery sites?

Hi, for photo sharing I have used flickr, 500px, and google+, I get the best feedback from google+, I really like the fuji communities and the art and photography groups on there. Flickr is good aswell, lots of groups and is a thriving, ever changing site, lots of crap photos though, you have to be selective who you follow. 500px has a good interface but is just 'i like you, you like me' kind of feedback. Redbubble is good as you can sell photos from the site and is also good for feedback.

Best just to try them and see which you get on with, they are all free.

Cheers jon

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