GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

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Re: GH-3 Viewfinder "issue" - product of clueless

Dphotog wrote:

Happy for you all who didn't have this problem. Fact remains people have had issues because yours doesn't or u don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Too many people have experienced this issue for it not to be a fairy tail problem. I myself had it. New viewfinders from a different company hired by Panasonic to adjust for the influx of bad to good viewfinders. For you people who want proof I have none I'm simply stating what is. Take or leave it. Not all viewfinders were affected and the first batch that was sent out in December defintely had the issue. The next couple of waves of GH3's seem to have less and less of this problem. (probably cause of the switch)

Have any your family or friends tried it out which seems to be a logical and simple way to instantly determine if the problem is with you ( quirk of vision or technique) or a fault in the camera   ( perfectly plausible with any mass produced item).  I have two GH3 bodies with no issues for me, I have tried them both on  few friends and family members and no one reported any issues. I received my first GH3 in what was probably the first UK batch the second the week before Christmas. It is very frustrating to have an issue with a new camera and even worse when it needs to be sent back to Panasonic.


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