x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

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Re: x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

Hello MrChristopher,

You have taken beuatifull pictures of those two models. I like there poses too especially how they use or put there arms/hands. It looks the camera is in experience hands. So i hope you can and are willing to answer my questions.

Since friday I'm a happy owner of a second hand Fuji X100. I'm surfing the internet to look for tips and tricks for the X100.

What I did (still) not find is about the 'film choice' whiile photographing in jpeg. I thought I can choose standard and three filmsimulations. But apparently I can only choose out of three film simulations or...? What was your choice or what do you prefer?

Next question: For each film simulation I can choose different parameters like soft and sharp. What kind of film paramaters do you prefer?

Your first picture is especially beautifull because her eyes are so bright and attractive. Did you do some pp? Please tell your secret?

What I noticed is that the camera drains the batteries very fast. Maybe I'm playing a lot with the camera switch to 'On'. I doubt if I'm getting 300 shots with a battery. Maybe 100...?

What I noticed when I put a battery in the charger, the LED of the battery shines green. This is happening while  there iis still no connection with the elektricity. Is this normal?



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