Very positive experience with OMD + EYE-FI 16gb Pro 2X

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Re: Very positive experience with OMD + EYE-FI 16gb Pro 2X

Walt Palmer wrote:

Mark Chan wrote:

dgnelson wrote:

How long does it take for photos to transfer to the iPhone?


I set the software and card in direct send mode - meaning in the absence of a WiFi network it'll search, connect and send files to your device.

Initially U want your device to be active and the app running.

It has taken anywhere from 15 secs to 30 secs to see the first jpg going, but after that initial run, assuming you are frequently shooting, the photos just find themselves there.

If hr device goes into sleep mode, the file transfer restarts at the last sent jpg when it's active again - assuming your camera is active also.

I set my jpegs to small so sending less than 1m per photo is pretty fast. Ymmv.

So Mark, you are using the 16Gb Pro X2 Class 10 card? You are sending small JPGs and it takes nearly a minute each?? Sounds VERY slow. The website says that card will send RAWs to any folder on a computer - but I can't imagine doing so at those speeds.

Easy to set up? Have you tried setting it up with a computer yet? I would be interested in getting images onto a large screen (sorry, not just an iPhone screen); I'm looking for speed and flexibility. I thought Eye-Fi had it, but your results sound like it is actually really slow.

Am I reading your results wrong?

(edited to add) Aha! Yes. you are ending less than 1 Mb per photo. How long does that take?


Eh, I typed the INITIAL transfer may take longer especially when U just woke your device. Then when they have linked up, and assuming U are taking pics on a more or less continuous basis - read the camera and device never go into sleep mode, the jpegs will just materialize on your predetermined device.

I have not tried it over a WiFi network nor have I tried uploading to a pc.

The speed when running is a sec or so per file, and you already know my file size.  I have experienced it sending the raws over, and it'll take less than 15 secs per 15mb or so. Not the ideal situation to use the tech imo, unless U shoot deliberately and thus have a limited number.

Will definitely work fine in a studio setting.

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