So much great new research data is available lately! Reikan Focal Online Stats.

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Re: So much great new research data is available lately! Reikan Focal Online Stats.

tiberiousgracchus wrote:

Thanks for the link. Im no pro and looking to get the 5D II I think its still a quality camera.

Well a few things seem obvious, and that is the 5DMKII for all the heat it gets for being a terrible AF camera, for the most part has accuracy comparable to the 7D (not taking into account tracking however, just center point focus recompose). The results coincide a bit with LensRentals. The 5DMKIII and 1D series are at a higher level (although it seems a lot of 1D are optimized for telephoto zooms and the benefits for shorter primes seem less).

It does seem to confirm a lot of forum that Nikon's previous D300/D700 had very very solid AF with very little variation and high accuracy, and with the D800's variation may feel worse than the 5DMKII especially to the pixel peeper. However how much of the extra variation also comes from the extra resolving power may also be at play. I'd have to guess that the extra MPs easily makes up for the slightly higher variation to deliver better results most the time, however for the casual family events and candid shooter, I don't think it makes sense to buy a 36MP camera like the D800 and have a lower 'keeper' rate where obviously you do not utilize anywhere close to the full extent of its 36MP files, vs the 5DMKIII which seems to show you will nail focus most the time with most lenses.

I know doing PP work myself, I'd rather have the smaller files where 97% of my shots are tack sharp, than have massive 36MP RAW files where some are clearly OOF compared to others.

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