So much great new research data is available lately! Reikan Focal Online Stats.

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Re: Actually comparing the 5DMKII to 5DMKIII

Yes I would have to guess the statistics target the market audience for that software. Meaning most people willing to buy that software are probably *serious* gearheads who care about critical focus to the nth degree and are the type to MFA all their lenses. I MFA none of mine and feel they are all rather good to excellent copies. Regardless if there is a good deal of bodies/tests for certain combos (for example kit lenses have lots of statistics) and it does seem to hold tidbits of data you can pull. If Reikan Focal delivered a free version of their software, they might get a much larger influx of data to pull from.

For example some online tests have tested the 40mm f2.8 to be absolutely superb wide-open, and some have tested theirs as needing to stop down. These statistics on Focal Reikan seem to show that both are valid results...*some* people get 40mm f2.8's that are bloody sharp wide-open, and some get copies that need stopping down according to the relative sharpness per aperture ribbon. But overall the consistency of that lens is an order of magnitude higher than the 50mm 1.8 which is just tremendous in sample variation (comparing ribbon widths).

I also believe the only thing that matters is how much confidence *you* have in *your* gear and the level of results you get. I personally believe the results I get with my 85mm 1.8 and 40mm f2.8 or 17-40, etc with my 5DMKII (recently manufacturered), is very high. But then again those results clearly show that I should expect that for that combination of body/lenses as on *average* it is delivering close to ideal focus 98% of the time with some variation 5-7% range However the 5DMKIII also clearly cuts down on AF variation in most any lens by almost half except the 40mm f2.8 (which coincides with my eyes as the 40mm f2.8 is rather extremely consistent in focusing). However I think for the price difference, the 5DMKII is clearly 'ok' and obviously its been a workhorse camera for many also just shows that if perfect focus is something you desire, the 5DMKIII absolutely delivers. It also seems to deliver far more precision and improvement on the extremely fast L primes...but for the regular EF primes the improvement is more modest (except the improvements are rather huge for the very popular 50mm 1.4). I think this coincides with a lot of peoples anecdotes in their experience with the 5DMKIII.

On the Nikon side looking at the results it seems some people can be wonderfully blessed and can get body/combo's that are superb in sharpness, but on average can also be much lower. What is interesting with the variation ribbons over all for some lenses I've seen is that Canon's 'average' aperture sharpness is towards the top of the variation ribbon, and Nikon's 'average' is towards the bottom of the ribbon. For example a D800 + 85mm 1.8G, few are blessed with copies that are bloody sharp wide open (greater than 90%), but on average wide open you get 70% of the IQ you get stopped down. Canon's 85mm 1.8G shows that its clearly softer wide open than at f4 obviously, but that overall people get more predictable performance from their lens as well as AF.

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