What is your Alternate Camera?

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Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

K-5 and K-01 as primaries

Panny LX-5 as a compact

An old Olympus C720UZ (​U​ltra​Z​oom - I laugh at your modern superzooms!) 3MP digital from about 2001 that still sees daily duty at the shop for web shots.

Nikon FM (my first camera)

Leica M3 (my Dad's camera)

Mamiya M645 Pro

Fuji GSW690II

Yashicamat 124G

I may need an intervention, I'm actually looking at 4x5 cameras right now, even though it would cost about $70 a shot (film, processing, drum scanning).  Of course, I could bring that price down if I build a complete darkroom...


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