D800 focus with 1.4 prime lenses is very variable and inaccurate

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This is a generic problem

The D800 PDAF system is not consistent.

These focus errors have little to do with the 36mp sensor and would be visible on 12mp

Low light af-c judders, continuously searching for focus on subjects that my D3s locks on to with certainty. That has nothing to do with sensor resolution. The  d800 is not good with focus in low tungsten light, and I have had a couple of issues in brighter light conditions with orange or red subjects.

The D3s is a pro camera, the D800 is not, no matter what Nikon say.

This could be classed as user error by selecting a focus target the camera struggles with, but the point is that the camera struggles with more focus targets than it should and with more than the last generation of Nikons did. Nikon have sold the D800 under the false banner of improved low light AF ability and they should hang their heads in shame.

We can work around the issue with multiple shots, but Nikon made its reputation through the consistency, durability and reliability of its SLRs and that reputation is currently disappearing fast.

the mirrorless camera manufacturers are starting to produce consistent on-sensor PDAF and Nikon's response is to produce less reliable PDAF and put it in a camera with a high resolution sensor so we can see the failings more clearly. Oh... and also to try and fend off the resulting loss of sales by cutting prices, quality control and customer service levels even further.

We Nikonians have had a few good years, but I'll bet the next few go to Sony and possibly Canon.

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