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Not difficult for me to swallow at all!  I bought an OMD, brought it home, just didn't feel comfortable with its user interface. I really wanted to like it.... I used to have an OM-1 and OM2n and was a big Olympus fan.  Anyway, I returned the OMD, bought a Lumix G5, and am very happy with the G5. I also saved myself several hundred dollars by getting the G5 instead of the OMD... which enabled me to buy some excellent Olympus lenses 

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Something you see rarely other than on this forum are people saying that they are about to buy a new camera, the EM-5 and looking for advice on 3,4,5, or even 6 lenses that they should buy with it. Am I alone in thinking that the sensible thing to do when buying a new camera is buy a camera and a lens or lenses that satisfy your basic requirements and then see if you like it. When you have confirmed the love affair with the camera, at that point, it’s time to add to your collection.

Yes, I agree. What we have is people with more money than sense. They decide to buy a camera, briefly look at what is available and decide to buy "the best there is" to satisfy themselves.

Mmm I'm not sure to agree with that save for one or two exceptions. What I see are people who are already confirmed photographers owning a heavy FF or APSC body and looking for a smaller lighter system. Those users know what they need and ask whether they will find an equivalent to their preferred set up. Or they try to combine a three primes set up and verify with the forumers whether their choices make sense.

Because of the huge amount of hype over the EM5, that is what they go for. That is why we see people on this forum saying "I'm new to photography, I just bought an EM5, help me find the on/off switch" or rushing out to buy the most expensive lenses they can find without knowing the differences between them.

Well the E-M5 has been a game changer in the MFT format. That is the reason why it is attracting so much attention. All reviewers are agreeing about that, DPreview gave it a gold award. Thom Hogan switched from his Nikon APSC camera to the E-M5 and declared it was the bet serious MFT camera of 2012, just to name a few.

Yes, we all have to start somewhere but sensible people usually start at the beginning and work their way up.

Even when they are confirmed photographers coming from other system and knowing their needs from past experience ?

But, it is the Oly fanboys who are really to blame. Their unnatural love affair with the EM5 creates the hype in the first place. You can see the tears in their eyes when they talk about it. Guys, it is just a camera, a toy. There are far better cameras out there if you want the best.

I don't see so many Olympus fanboys around. But what I see is some trustful Panasonic users who were accustomed to look at their GH cameras as the flagships MFT cameras and at the GF1/GX1 as the most reactive and best RF shaped MFT offering, and those Panasonic enthusiasts are getting a little disgruntled by the Olympus recent progress and success. For two years, everyone in the forum was swearing by the GH2 and GF1/GX1, while Olympus was more often criticized, at first for slow AF, then for featuring the same old Panasonic sensor. Now, since 6-8 months the E-M5 has taken the fisrt place and is still getting a lot of attention inspite of the issuing of the GH3 and G5. That seems difficult to swallow for some Panasonic users.

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