D800 Orange Burn: Little Help, Please?

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Re: D800 Orange Burn: Little Help, Please?

Need more info on your post-processing technique.

Hopefully you are staying with the "Nikon Adobe" colorspace out of the camera for as long as possible and not flipping into another colorspace and back and forth. I find if I work the image o death in ViewNX2 and CaptureNX2 (both stay with the "Nikon Adobe" colorspace) I am better off than dumping right into a 3rd party program that alters it.  I haven't been too enamored with Lightroom 4 either (I cannot stand its "Auto-Tone" feature.), nor PSP X5 as it will also screw with my calibrated monitor settings. I generally go CaptureNX2 to CS6 now.

I suspect your camera's "Saturation" may be also set high and maybe in one of the Neutral, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape settings as well.  On your color balance, in CaptureNX2, you can find some neutral grey and use the selection tool (dropper or a box) to find out if your White Balance is way off as you can see the Red and Blue lines separate in the window and the numbers will change from ideally "1.0" too.  In CaptureNX2 you can also flip between the above color modes (i.e. Standard, Port. Landscape, Vivid, etc.) and see the that the contrast and color changes readily too.  Portrait setting in CaptureNX2 always mutes and lowers the contrast quite a bit over the others, but that can be easily altered in CS6 later if I use it.

My gut reaction is that you are changing colorspaces somewhere which leads to all sorts of issues, or software that does not use the out-of-camera colorspace and applies its own (wrongly too.).  I have some screenshot photo where all three look different depending on the program used for the same shot below:

Aside, some on Mac's with OS10 have been having their own color issues, mostly with the reds in printing.  One bit of software that seems to help against double-profiling colorpsace issues is Qimage Ultimate too if you print but it works only with WIndows.  Some say that OS10 doesn't allow one to turn off the color management for printing which can be very bad if you use calibrated management say from a ColorMunki Photo.

Good luck narrowing it down.


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