RX100 design--what sense does it make?

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Re: RX100 design--what sense does it make?

Beckler8 wrote:

irportal wrote

Wouldn't these ergonomics that you speak off interfere with the pocketability? In order to fit a camera in your pocket, it needs to be smooth, with fewer things that can get in the way, would you agree?

This is the only valid objection I've read so far. I do agree. But controls can be strategic; they need not protrude unduly. Same for grippy surfaces--the entire camera doesn't have to be rubberized. Anyway I think good design is possible even considering the pocketability and other factors. My point is just that little thought has been put into the current design at all. How could there have be any? It's the same design as any other cheap little P&S except even slipperier. And that's just bad, IMO.

When I first laid eyes on the RX100 I felt dismayed by the lack of a grip; even a smaller version of the one on the dsc-hx20v would have been useful, without sacrificing pocketability,

or even a grippy area. To my hand it cried out for something to grab onto. The Franiec grip addresses that perfectly, but I wish I hadn't had to pay extra for it.

However, I disagree with the lack of functionality on the design otherwise. With the F button programmed to my liking I can get to almost anything easily and quickly.

And finally, who knows how much thought they put into designing it? Your comparison to Apple might be apt, and we know that at Apple, design and visuals are of paramount importance (and not at the expense of usability). I sincerely doubt the Sony design team came up with the design for the RX100 casually, even if some users might have liked a few tweaks with the end result.

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