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There's also Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax....

Many of those will be better for landscape, macro, as well as learning. Macro benefits from a working pivot LCD (as in, autofocus works). Both landscape and macro benefit from focus zoom. EVF makes for faster learning.

Thanks for the advice sir but here in the Philippines its hard to find lenses for does brands that's why I am only considering Nikon and Canon only but i will still reconsider does brands. Btw will it really help if I buy the camera with a pivot LCD? Thanks again.

I had the same reason why I ruled out those brands and just narrowed my choice to either Canon or Nikon. My advice:

1. Go to Hidalgo St., Quiapo, try every brand therein and see what will fit your hand comfortably. That would answer the specific ergonomics.

2. Another thing, if some of your friends are already shooting one type of brand, you may choose that specific brand. It would make lens sharing easier.

3. After market care: IMHO, this is what made me chose Canon. Canon D-zones can be found in major malls. As For NIkon, I only saw one; they just have one newly opened NIkon store in SM Mall of Asia.

Good luck on your eventual purchase.

Thanks alot sir for that info. My friends are using Nikon and my uncles are using canon that's why I can't decide which brand to buy. They say canon has a more crisp and more vibrant pictures than canon while in Nikon is for durability wise. But I think I would go for Nikon cause my friends are more active in photography than my uncles.

If you're always with your friends then go with nikon.... they can also guide you if they are already trained or experienced enthusiast or much more if they are pros.

as to durability, watch this and other durability test on this site

or this

Thanks for link I enjoy it a lot I notice that canon really produce a more crisp andvibrant not like the Nikon. But still Nikon has proven its durability the lens showed minimal damage considering what they did. Now I am having 2nd thoughts on which camera to buy. I did not imagine that it would be hard to choose which brand.

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