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Re: Do you want to shoot while you are actually skiing?

Thank you for your thoughtful replies.

Chris R-UK wrote:

Can you explain a little more why IS is so important to you. Do you want to take shots while you are actually skiing or will you be stopped and taking shots of other skiers?

mostly when i'm stopped. Photographing while skiing is a disaster.

Do you want to shoot at low shutter speeds to deliberately blur the motion of other skiers? If so, how slow a shutter speed and what focal length?

yes. I know there is always the photoshop option- start w a sharp picture and add blur where you want it. But it's the starting with sharp pixels that i want to maximize. Handholding a camera when your on a slope, out of breath, cold and in supoptimal light can be a challenge. I would also be using a tele lens so imag stab would be a necessity.

I guess the only way is to go w olympus. It's a little bulky to put it in a pocket w a tele lens. But the new canon sh50 is just as bulky. I would probably need a kangaroo bag to stow the camera in front so i could get to it quickly.

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