DP2M vs 5DII comparison pic

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Re: Let me guess:

Erik Magnuson wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

The claim has always been that other cameras could shoot perfectly good JPG files.

That's odd - I don't recall anyone claiming that in-camera JPGs are perfectly good for pixel peeping. I think we need a wikipedia style [Citation needed] on this claim.

So I guess that's not really true and Canon JPG files are no better than Foveon JPG files...

Canon's processing positively mutilates low contrast red detail. Foveon in-camera processing positively mutilates high ISO. You should compare how you shoot: OOC jpeg to OOC jpeg or raw to raw.

Or possibly focus was an issue; we know that Nikon has really good AF but overlooked is that Sigma may well have passed some other companies in AF performance (in terms of accuracy anyway).

That would be a tad more convincing if the OP had used the 5DII live view CDAF.

Not how I typically shoot.  Besides shot at f/8, focused on subject a good 100 meters away with a 40mm lens; not sure DOF is an issue here

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