RX100 design--what sense does it make?

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Re: RX100 design--what sense does it make?

Beckler8 wrote:

So sony decides to make a groundbreaking P&S camera but they design it like a cheap $30 walmart camera? Buttonless and "sleek"--maybe casual trendy slackers at starbucks care about such things. Do people spending $700 on a tiny camera care about "style" which is 100% subjective anyway? Why would it not have maximum ergonomics, with proper grip shape and material, correct manual controls & touchscreen, etc., etc.?

IMO sony understands nothing about usability but far more about some ridiculous style ideas they think appeal to people. Personally I find RX100 quite ugly. Manufacturers should fire their entire marketing departments and hire actual product designers interested in human-usable interfaces instead of apple-copycat enthusiasts.

You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but I think you're conflating good (esthetic) design with ergonomics; they can (and ideally should) overlap, but they are not one and the same.

I agree that an inherent grip of some kind would have been useful on the RX100, and it could have been done in a way to please they eye as well as the hand. But it is not true that only "casual trendy slackers at starbucks care about such things."  I care about both, personally, and if you met me I doubt you'd think I fit into the category above. I am too old, for starters, and besides, I don't have time to slack away in Starbucks.

Plus, if you want to start an honest discussion it might be constructive not to start by belittling anyone who "cares about such things." It is kind of alienating.

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