Ricoh GXR Bargains.

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Re: Ricoh GXR Bargains.

brian46 wrote:

Thanks for your considered response.
To me, for my purposes the GX200 was and is still functionally great but time moves on and things improve. Notably speed of operation and image quality.
The Pentax Q is very interesting, but, it is an interchangeable lens camera which I am not looking for and it doesn’t have an EVF.
Many may not agree but for me a removable and adjustable EVF as used with my GX200 and the GXR is a must have. If the Sony RX100 had one for it I would have purchased that.
The GXR, even at its current low prices, is not only a GX200 on steroids in respect of facilities but also size and weight. .
The GX200 sits unobtrusively on my belt and the EVF and DW6 wide angle adapter fit easily into a pocket which is ideal for my use of taking urban snapshots. I’m not a photographer just an old man with a camera <grin>
I am quite content to wait for something, hopefully Ricoh, to come along and satisfy my hopes.
Until then I have my DSLR to play with when performance is important, a bridge camera for casual walks in the countryside when I don’t want the weight of the DSLR and my trusty pocket rocket the GX200, even with its shortcomings, to carry on my belt as I wander about my urban surroundings.

Have you looked at the Panasonic LX7 or LX5 (or the Leica versions?)

Fast wide angle, zoom, attachable EVF.

If I did not have the GXR, it would be my camera.

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