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What aboue Elements for a beginner....I mean a REAL beginner? I know there is a learning curve and it all takes time but would elements be a better choice for a very beginner who may want to do more down the road but not sure? I would like ease of use also!

As far as gimp....whats wrong with that one? I know its free so whats the problem with it?


I think I would try Picasa, if you're a real beginner. It's easy to use and it's free. After you get used to doing post-processing with it, then I would recommend looking at other tools. Most of them have free 30-day try-before-you-buy periods.

Currently, I use LR and Capture NX2 (I have Nikon cameras). Eventually, I want to use Photoshop, but, first, I want to develop my skills in LR.



Oh I am the most beginner around lol I have never done a thing other then crop and maybe change lighting from the kodak gallery. Im getting confused and discouraged so I don't want that to happen. I will check out picasa. Can it open raw files too or do I need my Canon DPP program for that. I haven't shot in raw yet so this is just for future reference.


Yes, it can open raw files, or, at least, it opens NEF files (Nikon Raw files). Just remember that the raw file may not look very good, but only because Picasa won't know what you really want to do with it--so it opens raw files without any settings.

My dad has Kodak gallery, so I've played with it. Picasa does more things than Kodak. Like I said before, if you keep on playing with post-processing, you will eventually want more sofistication than what Picasa or Kodak will give. At that point, you should try the free trial softwares and see what works best for you.

I actually just downloaded the older version of Photoshop Elements.  It is so much more user friendly IMO than CS or gimp. So for now I will stay with that I think. I'm sure it offers more then Picasa right?

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