Getting sharp only through CDAF LiveView Shots with my D600 and 24-70 f2.8, why?

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Re: This is a very difficult wall for the camera to focus on.

Look at the structure of the wall. It has “stripes/marks” that only goes vertically. Moreover, they are very diffuse.

What was the AF-Area Mode in Live view? If it was set to Normal-area AF, did you move the focus point.

If I had to use the mirror in this case, I would have chosen 11 focus points.

In this case, it can be that the Live view is/was the best choice.

Do not think that the camera will not miss focus every now and then. However, the question will always be, did you choose the right method to focus!

You can try this with the mirror up.

Take a shoot at the 24mm, 35mm and 70mm. Use the same focal ratio. Are they different? If they are, you may have to fine-tune. However, remember the 24-70 is probably sharpest around 30-35mm, so there will be difference.

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