Canon Pro9000 MarkII problems

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Re: Canon Pro9000 MarkII problems

rpenmanparker wrote:

I'm sorry, but I find your inquiry confusing. Are you saying that the changes you made in inks were necessarily accompanied by changes in printer driver settings? Is that how you managed to continue getting good prints? Is it such settings that were lost? Or did the new inks make no difference, and no settings changes were needed to continue making good prints? In that case, what was lost?

What potential responders need to know first are the following:

Is your monitor calibrated? Do you manage color in the printer driver or photo editor? Did you have a specific printer profile made for the non-OEM ink mix you were last using?

I suspect you used trial and error to adjust the printer driver to accommondate each of the non-OEM inks, and it was these settings which you lost. If you insist on this apprach, then the easiest way to get back there might be buy one set of Canon inks and start over again, making your adjustments little by litte as you change the inks. But that is no way to do quality printing. Much better to calibrate your monitor, use the photo editor to control color, turn off color management in the print driver, and obtain a custom profile for your ink/paper combination. Then, assuming you keep a copy of the monitor and profiles off the hard drive, there is nothing to lose in a HD failure. There are no "settings" that have to be remembered.

BTW I hope you are now backing up your drive, at least the data, preferably the whole thing.


Robert- thanks your quick reply. No, my monitor hasn't been calibrated recently, but I'm getting a good matching print through a local lab. So, I don't believe that's an issue. I honestly don't know if I was letting Photoshop or the print driver handle the color. No, I did not have a specific printer profile made for the non-OEM ink. See my above post for a scan of my latest printout. I don't have any money for OEM carts or a custom profile for my ink/paper combination. Obviously this is not the ideal situation, but if I can't make this work with what I have, then I'll just abandon the printer for now.

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