Dumb people & Guns, what a bad mix?

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Re: Dumb people & Guns, what a bad mix?

57even wrote:

Brian wrote:

FeedMe wrote:

"Dumb people".. and ANYTHING, really.

Dumb drivers, idiots running machinery (I separate that from cars).

Morons trying to walk and talk at the same time..

You name it, adding dumb people to it will screw it up.. even the internet!

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How many people have died in car accidents caused by idiots using their cell phones?

So that means it's OK?

what is OK?  idiots driving cars and killing people and injuring 100s of thousands more?  Or a few idiots hurting themselves with a gun?

Let's be frank here.  There are idiots in every society.  They will find a way to kill themselves regardless the protections you try and put in place to prevent them from doing so.

I am an engineer and one of the sayings in the engineering community is "If you make something idiotproof, someone'll build a better idiot!"  It doesn't mean we don't try and prevent people from doing dumb things with the products we design. But there are always compromises.  You can't design a hammer to be soft enough not to hurt you and still have it function as a hammer.

Is it unfortunate that people die doing dumb things?  yep, but there is no point in trying to morn for all of them, there just aren't enough days in the year to do it.  Just chalk them up as statistics and evaluate if there is a better way.

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