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Re: Why ... oh why .....

motomanDK wrote:

I simply don't understand, why every second post to this forum is someone pointing fingers at Sigma and trying to prove why all other products are better than a Sigma camera. Even though someone tries to start a good, interesting and/or informative thread, somewhere on the first page someone need to prove that a Nikon 800 or Canon 5DmIII or something else is far better and than any Sigma.

I am getting so sick and tired of reading this b....... - yes you are right, i can just refrain from reading it and i mostly do, but i like to get help and inspiration from the clever and experienced people in this forum, until the thread gets infected by ..... you know what/whom.

Get a life - if you don't like Sigmas, then don't buy one.

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/Henrik - Denmark
(SD14 and SD15 ... and about 5 kg glass)

Time to get some popcorn!!!


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To understand photography, you must understand that the experience must be much more important than the result ....
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