Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

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Re: Making the most of the camera gear you HAVE

MAC wrote:

all good stuff.


I highly recommend you only shoot manual mode indoors and use manual outdoors, but occasionally use AV outdoors. Cameras are dumb. You control the ss, AV, iso.

Disagree, today's cameras are smarter than most owners. Too many of them read posts like this and end up with worse results than they would get leaving the camera in a more automatic mode. If you are smart enough to shoot in manual modes, you are smart enough to make sure the camera is doing what you want in non-manual modes.

When you get into situations where you need to shoot iso1600 and above -- try ETTR in manual - in other words expose a bit right of center in RAW and bring the exposure back to center in DPP -- it will reduce your noise. That is another reason to shoot in manual mode

I agree Canon cameras are much better off having their images pulled, rather than pushed. But, no need to go to manual mode to accomplish this when there is an exposure compensation setting.

Your lenses are good. Your three would be the ones I recommend to get started.

But -- if more is in your future, here is what I'd recommend:

1) I found a used 60 f2.8 macro for $275 -- amazing macro and portrait lens!

2) Though the 50 f1.8 will do for photographing children indoors, it is a bit long. The survey says most indoor users prefer the 35mm focal length on crop. I got a 35 f2 lens for $289 and photograph children at F2.2

not to spend more of your money -- but just these two budget lenses rock -- the 60 f2.8 and 35 f2.

Agree those are two good bang for the buck lenses. The Canon 50mm f/2.5 Compact (half) Macro is a good choice for someone who doesn't already have a 50mm lens.

And then one more thing if you keep spending to upgrade. Selling the 500d and buying a $600 T4i would give you 1 extra stop in high iso and a touch screen and LV that is amazing. But I wouldn't do it before the lenses I mentioned.

If someones reached the limits of the 500D/T1i they should also consider the XXD or an XD camera. But, I agree with the OP's concept of getting the most out of the gear that she owns. To add to her advise, use the sources available to know where your lenses perform the best. i.e. the 18-55mm is good from 18-24mm, great from 24-35mm, and you're much better off with the 50mm prime than using 55mm.

I know I'm mentioning upgrades when your thread is not about upgrades. You are right to stay in a budget. The advice I give is only for some that eventually want to increase tools and still remain on a budget without spending a fortune

good luck


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