Perhaps some interesting info on the latest 24mp sensor.

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Re: Good grief Kerry...

Kerry Pierce wrote:

jonrobertp wrote:

Kerry, it makes sense to me that the D700 sensor will show almost 2x as good iso #s as the 5200...and that's due to 2.5x (approx) size sensor. Typically, the FF sensors deliver about a full stop of better hi iso results.

I can't recall the difference now, between my d700 and d300. I'm thinking it's a little over a stop at the higher ISOs.

What I wonder is if there is any measurement whereby the 24 meg crop sensor vs the same size but 16 meg sensor ...will result in a meaningful lower final noise count at a given screen of 1200 wide, or a print of ie. 16x24. We know that reducing the final size of the image hides noise...but I'd like to have some pro facts as to how much the 24 reduced to 16 meg size aids in what would then appear to have less noise. (talking higher isos here) . thx if you have that scientific info.

Facts? I don't know of any such of that nature, that are readily available to the public, especially using terms that the average Joe can understand.

But, I'm not really interested in downsizing, NR and other stuff, because that doesn't tell us the limits for enlarging or cropping. There's no doubt that Nikon and its sensor partners have been doing magic with the high MP sensors. I also have no doubt that they could give us a 16 to 18mp sensor that is significantly better than both the d7k sensor and the d5200 sensor for high ISO performance. I think that is what I'd prefer.

The bottom line is that Nikon will give us what they want to give us. Maybe we'll get this 24mp sensor in a d400, maybe not. Maybe it would be good enough to satisfy the majority of d300 users wanting an upgrade. Dunno. As always, trade-offs are a part of photography. So, we'll just have to wait and see.


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This imager might very well end up in a D7XXX this spring, but I would venture that Nikon has 9-12 months of additional development time to work towards a D400 (if it happens) imager. I would be surprised if Nikon isn't developing yet another 24MP imager with much higher bandwidth than this D5200 sensor is capable of, and of necessity Expeed 4. I would also expect yet another 1/2 stop of DR.

Short answer.

I don't think that Nikon is finished with 1.5 crop sensors for the current round of DX cameras.


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