Canon Pro9000 MarkII problems

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Re: Canon Pro9000 MarkII problems

Have you tried to simply let the Canon printer control color?

By the way, are you on a MAC or PC?

When you say Horrid Looking, exactly what does that mean? To me a little color shift is horrid!

What application where you printing from and if you can remmeber, were you letting the Canon 9500 MKII driver control the printing process or where you letting the APP control colors and print through an ICC profile. Of course, after turning color handling to NONE inside the Canon Driver/Color Intensity/Manual Adjustement/Matching/None! That is only applicable with the Windows Canon driver.

Thanks for your reply. I am on a PC and printing through Photoshop. I had to do a complete reinstall of all my software last year, so any saved color or printer settings were lost. Before that, I had saved some settings in the Canon software/Print Setup/Properties/. Under Quick Setup/ media type, I had Photo Paper Plus. Under the Main tab I had set the Color Intensity to Manual and done some minor tweaks. Something like a few notches darker, and a small adjustment to one of the color sliders. I don't know what you mean by APP. So, which method would be preferable at this point? Let the Canon driver handle the color or Photoshop? And how do I make sure that they're not working against each other somehow? Here's a scan of my latest printing attempt to show you what I'm talking about:

What's happened to the preview function here?

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