Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

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Isabel Cutler
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Re: I decided to go for it...

Yes, I would love to have the stabilization, but I don't.  I love the GH2 interface and the flexability of the lcd, plus the fact that I can put it away facing the camera body, and protect it.

Recently I've been experimenting with higher ISOs with the GH2 and have found that the noise is very well I can go with higher ISOs than I might need with a stabilized Olympus.

In this series with the GH2 in a poorly lit bowling alley, I got some terrific shots with the GH2 - up to ISO 1600 with no noise reduction.  Because they were somewhat lacking in contrast and the difficult lighting made for ugly color which I didn't think was important anyway, I chose to convert to b/w.  I also, coincidentally used the internal flash for the first time and found it recharges extremely quickly.  (I also have an FL600R for it.)

I'm called on to photograph speakers at meetings in large auditoriums and I believe the 75mm will take the place of the heavier Canon 135mm f/2 and maybe 1/3 the weight or less than the 7D, 135mm f/2.  (By the way, does anyone want a 135mm f/2?)

Low Light GH2 Bowling Alley Pics


rladd wrote:

I have a Panasonic G5 which is fabulous. I also love my Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens. I'm tempted to buy the Olympus 75mm lens after reading its great reviews, but I'm on the fence. I'm thinking that at that focal length I would miss the IS. I also do have the Lumix 45mm - 150mm which is pretty good (but not quite awesome) and fairly slow (4.0-5.6).

Just curious if other Lumix users have bought the 75mm Olympus lens and how you like it.

Many thanks, Bob

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