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Re: Lens options


Trying to make some lens choice and need advice. I currently have canon 85mm 1.8, tamron 70-300mm vc usd and canon 18-55mm (kit lens). I am thinking about trading my canon 85 and tamron, to get:

canon 50mm 1.4 for indoors

canon 70-200mm f4 IS version. For outdoors

Is it worth letting go off my 85mm, it is sharp but focal length is not the best indoors?

  1. Are these two good lens to improve my rookie photo hobby/adventure?

I have a canon 60D and canon t1i.

depends on the indoors situation.   on crop models the 85mm might be good for basketball or portraits however in small room it could be a tight fit.  The 70-200 f/4 is sharper with better image quality than the Tamron if you don't need the extra focal length

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