Am I nuts? Nepal with just the X100.

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Re: Am I nuts? Nepal with just the X100.

mark finn wrote:

I'm lucky enough to be going to Nepal for three weeks on a work trip, and was going to take my Xpro-1, 18-55 and 35mm. However the closer the trip gets the more I'm drawn to the idea of just taking the X100.

Because it’s a work trip I won't be trekking, and will be spending a lot of time on the streets of Kathmandu and Pokhara. I know the XP-1 will give me more flexibility, but I've never found the fixed lens on the X100 much of a limitation anyway. Plus the X100 can just sit in my day bag in its leather case, whereas the XP-1 will need a proper camera bag.

So what would you do if in my position?

In your position I would take only the X100. It's top quaility and yet inconspicuous.  It will leave you free to just look around and take it all in, rather than worrying about kit and whether you have the right lens for the situation.  Fewer choices are better sometimes.

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