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ctlow wrote:

Copied from a E-5 news article (newbie, didn't realize at first I wasn't in a "forum"):

It's all a bit agonizing for an E-620 owner (former E-500). Very happy overall although I'm sure that Olympus wishes it had designed the whole FT line with bigger sensors - the only thing which has really impinged is the poor low-light capability.
Back in the 1970s my siblings all got Olympus TRP-35s - very simple battery-less cameras which took great photos, with at that time very respected lenses. Just to say that it is the lens on which I concentrate the most attention.
But: should one stick with the Olympus FT system? Selling it and starting with something else will be expensive! At the moment, I'm looking for a Leica f25 f1.4 lens - not cheap, even used. What happens when/if the body fails and I have all these lenses and all that's available are upper-end E5s and maybe something like an E7? Pricey for an amateur photographer!
OTOH, my son just got into Nikon, and whatever happens with that in the future won't be for the frugal either!

I like my camera system. What's its future?

I went through this set of issues some time ago and came to a conclusion not shared (I discovered) by many; yet nothing has occurred in the interim to make me want to change it.  I too liked the FT system and so decided to stock up on the bodies I liked.  One shouldn't forget that the DSLR, and not just the FT, is a mature design.  It has been tweaked by every manufacturer, and every new model by anyone is going to involve more minor tweaking, moving the buttons about, changing the look, producing copies of different colors, giving you more pixels than you need.  And all that is okay.  We buy new cars (most of us) not because of new designs (the "car" is another mature design concept), but because we've worn out the old one.

And if you agree with me so far, then there is a simple solution.  Buy one or two more E-620 bodies.  These should last you until the price of the E-5 drops.  At that time you could buy two or three of those in good condition and they will undoubtedly last longer than you will.

While the "answer" I've provided is logical and sound it doesn't take into consideration "techno-lust."  We don't need a newer FT, but we lust after it.  And if Olympus won't make us one, and the additional lenses we don't need but lust after as well, we are going to lust after something new by someone else.

Now while I've followed my own advice up to a point, that is I have 3 copies of the E-420 & 2 each of the E-1 & E500, as well as an E-3 & E-520, I am not immune to Technolust & when I determined that a Pentax camera was very like the E-3 (the price at the time hadn't dropped enough to suit me) I purchased a K-20.  I liked it a lot and later purchased a K-7 as backup.

I don't need low-light capability, but if I did, the K-5 line (Pentax keeps tweaking this one) provides excellent low-light capability at a cheaper price than the E-5 which isn't as good in that respect.  But I do need weather-proofing and for a time only had the E-1.  It was while waiting for the price of the E-3 to drop that I discovered the weatherproofed K-20.

Now, if Olympus announces that they don't intend to build any more FTs I am well covered.  I would pick up an E-5 (or two) when the price drops.  In the meantime if Technolust overcomes me I can buy a K-5.

In your case, owning just an E-620, I suspect you aren't using it as I use mine, i.e., on hikes and in bad weather; so you might consider a second brand other than the one I've chosen.  But don't give up on your E-620.  Why should you?  It is still going to be able to produce the photos you are presently happy with for many years to come.


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