x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

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Re: I say yes and no.

Is a "portrait":

1. A picture of a person?

2. A headshot or at most head and shoulders with a very wide aperture to throw the background out of focus?

If the answer is #1 then of course ANY camera is a portrait camera. And the X100 is great for that, depending on your personal style.

But in internet land it often means #2, and for that purpose the X100 is less than ideal for a number of reasons:

1. It has a 23mm semi-wide lens.

2. You need to switch into EVF and Macro mode and AF is problematic.

3. At close distances and f2 the lens is not at its best.

However I have used the camera at macro distances and been very happy with the results, but for people who (especially in the early days) saw f2 lens and big sensor and therefore assumed it must be a portrait (#2) camera, it led to much frustration and anger.

A working distance of < 2m or so is very much right inside the subjects face; sometimes that is to the good, but usually it is not.

For my personal taste I generally find the #2 meaning to be very dull, and easy to achieve. All you need is a fast telephoto lens and a good AF system. Usually boring unless the photographer is a wizard with lighting, make-up and concept.

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