Am I doing the right thing?

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Re: Am I doing the right thing?

I shoot a lot of airshows and wildlife and my general kit is the 7D with the 100-400 on it. To be honest I was never too impressed with 100-400 when it was on my older 40D because I could never get that razor sharp picture I was hoping for. But once I got the 7D with micro focus adjustment I was able to dial in the 100-400 and WOW what a difference. Like a brand new lens. Never had any problems with dust and I've owned mine now for about 4-5 years I think? The push/pull design is fantastic in my mind by the way. Allows for very rapid zoom changes without having to alter the grip in anyway. No trying to support a big lens while twisting your wrist around the bloody thing

My only complaint about the lens is the IS. It is only about 2 stops, which is OK but I would really have liked the newer 3-4 stop advantage you get on others such as the 70-300L. Which brings me to option number 2. I often use the 70-300L on my 60D for those times when I really need to slow the shutter speed down to get nice prop blur (I tend to prefer the old birds to the new fire breathers ). The 70-300L is super sharp, very fast to focus, and the IS is really great. The little wider FOV is also useful for the larger formations.

Can't wait for the airshow season to start this year. The word is the mossie will be in Hamilton for the Canadian Heritage airshow this year. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. Can't wait

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