Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Thanks for all the replies and suggestions

somersetlad wrote:

Andrew - I see you are in the UK. I got my 7-14 for just over £500 here used, there was an internet seller with good reviews selling them new for mid £600's in Scotland not too long ago. I often consider 9-18 as well believing it may save me lens changes between 7-14 and 14-45 - but it seems to me to be hard to get the Oly 9-18 in micro 4/3 much under £400 even used, making the price differnce much less than appears - so I have not so far justified it, as also have Rokinon 7.5 plus a long one for the odd wildlife.

It's interesting that you managed to find it for such a good price but to be honest the price is not a major consideration. I want the lens that best suits my needs. The cheaper price is just a bonus!

When I jumped from FF - Sony and Nik D700 before that to OMD on launch the 2 lenses I bought before camera even arrived were 7-14 and 14-45 Panny's. This was because as a simple hobbyist I love the ultra wides, always managed a good copy Sig 12-24 on FF - my Nikon mount one even better than my Nikon 17-35.

I like my Sigma 12~24 but it doesn't see a lot of use. I have to say it is not a patch on my Nikon 17~35, but it is fun to play with such a wide lens. I find I use it because I can - it doesn't necesarily suit my style. In fact my Sigma 12~24 will be going on sale to fund the purchase of other MFT gear. I have a Sigma 15mm Fisheye for sale too. Another super lens and great fun, but I rarely use it.

Looking at your website you are much more pro than me.

It's kind of you to say so. I should bring it up to date really. It's easier to use Flick'r!

For landscapes and Cathedrals it is by far my most used lens, and like Louis I have read it is pretty much on a par with Nikon 14-24. I do not find it at all unwieldy on OMD, and even if I do get 9-18 for versatilty as well I doubt I will part with it - it is just a gem.

If I point out that I tried a Nikon 14~24, a Nikon 16~35mm Vr and a Nikon 17~35mm f2.8 and decided to stay with the 17~35mm that might give you a better idea where I'm coming from. The 14~24 was undoubtedly the widest and the sharpest wide open, but it was too big, didn't take filters and the range was too limiting. The 17~35 suits me much better.

But they are all too big for family holidays, hence the MFT.

Either way I don't think you can lose. I have no regrets on the total move to Micro 4/3 and now have my gear with me more both on foot and motorbike. Good luck.

Cheers John. I haven't bought anything yet but I will within the next few days and it will include the 9~18. I can borrow a Pansonic 7~14 to compare it to (a good friend of mine owns it) but I really doubt any pros will outweigh the cons.

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