X100 Snapr 35 + brad strap ?

Started Jan 17, 2013 | Questions thread
wetfop Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: X100 Snapr 35 + brad strap ?

I use a Lance strap from http://lancecamerastraps.com/string-loop-non-adjust/

I have a 60 inch strap with corded attachments. When worn, as I do, with the X100 over my shoulder and across the body hanging to the side, the camera hangs just below my hip.

It enables the camera to be worn over a heavy winter coat and places the camera into my large coat-pocket but still hanging from the strap.

The rounded nature of the strap ensures that the strap doesn't stick to the shoulder but pulls around smoothly when wanted.

The corded attachments used by Lance are Opt/tec cords


enabling the camera to be used with a Opt/tec wrist strap by unconnecting the Lancs strap and connecting the wrist strap to the same connector.


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