x100 Portrait shots, yes or no? I say yes

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Re: I say yes and no.

Yes, this has always been the consensus. Yet some people are making a very sizable living using the 35mm focal length in portraits. And not even environmental portraits.

As I mentioned above, people like Sue Bryce use it all the time. You may or may not like her work, but you can't deny that she's very successful at it and gets a lot of business. She uses a 5D Mark II and III with either the 24-105 or recently the 35mm f/1.4. She's said several times that the focal length that she usually shoots at with her 24-105 was around 35-50mm anyway, and she wanted the extra f-stops the 35 f/1.4 had.

But as I say, she may not be everyone's taste, but it's good to see people throwing out the "rules" (for instance, don't use wide angle as a portrait lens). And it works for MrChristopher also.

Check her out at her website: http://suebryce.com/

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