Replacement for D300??

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Re: If I cared about portability...interesting but

I agree that the low end mirrorless will be a priority, particularly that the Olympus 4/3 and NEX APS-C are the best current offerings in the mirrorless, Nikon need an APS-C mirrorless, which is one area I disagree. I would think the logical thing is the d3300 (repolaceable next year as 3200 only recently came out), will be Nikon's APS-C mirrorless. That low end DSLR does not need mirror/ shutter and is the logical place to convert.

The D7000 replacement is impending, clearly.

The 300 replacement, based on how many still use and prefer the D700 AND D300, is obviously a necessity for Nikon. The current offerings are not attracting some, witness the high D700 prices.

A D400 with better image quality than the D700, but same camera build as D300 , is the obvious choice to regrab those users with D700 and D300.

At the prices D700 is selling now (1,400-1,800), that is the market for it there.

Maybe even compete with 1dIV and provide a cheaper sensor, but larger than APS-C, to make it unique, at a much cheaper price than 1DIV, that would be logical.

Say a 1.3 crop, 18 MP, high fps. It would sell easily at 2,000.

But I think all we will see is a D400 same body as D300 with much newer sensor, for around 1,600.

If you examine things, with D800 and D600, Nikon is more aware than Canon of competition and is choosing to compete on prices too.

So, we are looking at a 1,200 D7200 and a 1,600 d400.

I think it logical they come shortly, now that the most recent sensor technology is has reached a 'new level.'

The d400 will be here, just as the d300 for about four to five years.

Finally, I disagree that D300 users already have lenses and will not buy more. Needs change, people expand their horizons, lenses break etc etc.

It is still a market you want to keep. That is the issue.

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