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Re: Ranking of Worst in critical data analysis?

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The Legatum "prosperity" ranking is based largely on public opinion polls.

No. The index is not based on opinion polls but was built by analyzing real data of each countries .

The point you and other detractors missed, or trying to miss, is not how US is ranking on this list, it actually is not doing too bad. The points is almost all the top countries on the list are practicing the kind of social policies what hard line conservatives say will ruin a country.

You might want to read in detail the actual methodology used in the rankings, with particular attention to the number of variables derived from Public opinion polls (ref pgs 43-49), specifically the Gallup data.

With regard to your assertion that the rankings are based on "real data", much of that "data" is , as I mentioned public opinion polls

You might also want to read some of critical analyses of the Legatum rankings and the Gallup methodology upon which much of the "data" is derived.

Thailand's outranking the U.S in Economy metric of prosperity?

From that very document...

"The prosperity index uses both objective and subjective variables [89 in total] to measure prosperity. approximately two-thirds of the index variables are objective, and they fall into three categories: 1) survey-based objective variables, such as how many mobile phones are in a household; 2) objective “hard” statistics, such as the inflation rate; and 3) estimates or assessments that are based on expert research, such as the world Bank governance indicators. These variables are objective, not because they are flawless, but because a comparable standard of objectivity has been applied across observations.

The remaining one third of the variables consists of variables that measure respondents perceptions of their life, such as responses regarding how much they worry, or how satisfied they are with their health.

The prosperity index has tried to maintain a balanced approach, using both objective and subjective variables, to prevent the country rankings from being biased due to either prejudice or misperceptions on the one hand, or to the poor quality of record keeping and reported statistics on the other."

I do believe that Australia should be some where around the position that it's in, but other south east Asian country's should be a lot higher. Thailand for instance is a place I spend some time in and the  people are among the happiest I've seen,

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This is not a religious comment, merely a historical fact.

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