Anyone else disapointed

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Re: Anyone else disapointed

x-vision wrote:

Announcing the 7DII at CES was a long shot. So, I’m not disappointed.
But I will be … at the end of March, if a 7DII is still not announced by that time.

I still think that the 7D (or/and the 60D) will be replaced his spring.
Both cameras are heavily discounted right now. And from a pure business perspective, Canon’s best shot at increasing the price/profitability on these models is … to replace them.

So, time is on our side :-). Hopefully we won't be disappointed by the 7DII price, though.

I don't think they've ever released a DSLR at a CES.

More than likely they'll announce them at CP+ or else at their own presser.

It's almost always the end of Jan to the end of March.  Or else July-Sept.

Brad Nishida wrote:

There is CP+ at the end of the month. I am hopeful.

That's what I'm thinking.

I'm also encouraged by this article.  Though it also makes me think we might be waiting until Aug if they're just filing the patent now.

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