Anyone go from 50D to 7D?

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Re: Anyone go from 50D to 7D?

bikeguy wrote:

Specific questions for those who went 50D to 7D:

I went from a 50D to a 7D as my crop body (used mainly for wildlife with the 100~400) in 2010.

(This will mainly be my birding camera with a 400 f/5.6 pretty much permanently attached.)

1) Are ISO 800, 1250 and 1600 images noticeably cleaner on the 7D? I shoot 800 ISO on the 50D pretty regularly and they clean up quite nicely in LR4. If I could shoot ISO 1600, though, the extra shutter speed would be worth it.

Contrary to what another poster said, in my experience unquestionably yes. I was never happy with the 50D even at ISO 800, whereas I find the 7D to be reasonably good at 800 and quite useable at ISO1600.

2) Is the 19 point AF faster/better in real world use than the 50D's 9 points?

Yes, but don't expect miracles and do learn how to make best use of the AF fine-tuning. Although not as extensive as the tuning available on the 5D3 and 1DX, it does help.

Even though the successor to the 7D will be out any day/week/month/year now, at $1200 the 7D is very tempting.

That being said, if the successor is that much better at higher ISO's and with AF speed and tracking, it'll be worth the wait and extra money.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


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