Possible issue with brand new 70-200mm f2.8 IS II

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Re: Possible issue with brand new 70-200mm f2.8 IS II

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I realise now I meant to order the HD not the Pro1 filter. Though, I didn't realise how significant the impact of these filters was, and may consider shooting nude (the lens, that is).

I'll be returning the filter and writing up a review for the Amazon listing.

I've tossed all my Hoyas years ago and recommend the B+W MRC filters if you must have one. They may be more expensive but they are high quality and well engineered..........

yep, agree with Hank. I stuck a B+W XS-Pro digital on and it seems to have no ill effects other than on my wallet.

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I've just ordered one of these:

Should do the trick I hope! I'll upload some more test shots if it's still snowy on Tuesday!

Certain lenses can have their optical performance degraded significantly by the use of a filter, even by a very good quality filter.  The original FD300mm f/2.8 was one and was the reason why the lens was not actually threaded for filters (the light baffle on this lens looked a bit like a filter thread but it wasn't).

Ideally filters should match the curvature of the front element but obviously that is impractical.  In the case of the FD 300mm mentioned the front element was in fact little more than a curved and optically matched protection filter and if damaged it could be replaced relatively cheaply.

Many subsequent Canon tele lenses used a drop in filter system (either 34mm or 48mm) at the rear of the lens both for reasons of cost and for optical reasons.

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