Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Thanks for all the replies and suggestions

The other good source is user experience.  As I said, I've been watching this lens since it came out.

Seems to me that the people pleased with it are the ones not expecting much - note the chap above who thinks it is fine because if he wants something sharp he brings a different camera!
This is an MFT problem in general.
People keep asking "Is MFT anywhere near dSLR quality yet?" and you get the same people answering "Oh yes, my [insert early MFT camera] isn't that much less good than my dSLR".   Yes, well, that was then (when I had a G1 as a travel cam to go with my D3 real cam) and this is now, when the format has come a very long way and the only cameras I bother to own are modern MFT.
On the other hand, you are perfectly correct, how much lens quality does one need?  I put a scratched 14mm f2.8 on a D800 and the results were fine.

slimandy wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

The never heard of camerawhatsit. You are reading the Photozone review differently to me. I read it as not as good as the 7-14, but that's too expensive for most people, and the Oly is good for the money.
Which is what most reviews seem to say.
The 9-18 is excellent value. If value is not a primary concern, it all looks less attractive.
Or that's what I think I keep reading. Since we are now talking reviews rather than hands on, you know as much as me!

If they thought it was a poor lens they wouldn't think it was such good value!

I'm not a big fan of photozone to be honest, but I can't find much else. Are there any pro photographers that take the time to write reviews? Lab tests start to tell the story but they are very unsatisfactory without real world use. I care about pictures, I don't care much for MTF figures being slightly this way or that. If I don't see it in the pictures it isn't relevant.

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