My EM5 vs NEX 6 experience

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Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,756
Re: My EM5 vs NEX 6 experience

ntsour wrote:


the metering system of the EM5 relies too much on stabilization/iso1600 for my shooting subject (kids, family members that do not cooperate keeping still under low light). I got a LOT of photos with motion blur with the kit lens and P/Auto Mode. Had to switch to speed priority, force higher iso. With faster lenses this of course would not be an issue. But it was annoying.os.

If Olympus had bothered to give their weatherproof kit zoom apertures which were at least equivalent to all the other kit zooms this would'nt keep cropping up as an issue.

Indoors in "kids running about" lighting that 12-50 really loses light especially when zoomed a bit. I suspect the cheaper 14-42R collapsible zoom would've made the whole package better for that job.

Personally I also feel the lack of built-in flash is a huge drawback. Huge.

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