Sluggish X100 in cold weather?

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Re: Sluggish X100 in cold weather?

It is 12 months since I last had mine out in the snow and I can't recall having a problem then, though that would be using earlier firmware, so maybe my expectations were lower.
I am planning on taking mine out later today to get some snow shots; I'll see how I go on.

Just a couple of points, not related to the weather. Did you format your card after downloading images? There have been numerous posts about slow start-ups and sluggish behaviour, but I believe that this only happens to us Mac users. Since it happened to me I have made it a habit to always format the card after replacing it in the camera.

The other point is the battery which you say showed three bars. The battery indicator is not accurate (I've switched mine off) and can go from three bars to dead in minutes, so maybe it wasn't as full as the camera indicated. If this was the case then this too can affect the behaviour of the camera.

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