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Re: the 70-300VR is very sharp ... watch out for those urban legends ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Peter71951 wrote:

In case you didn't notice: we are talking about the quality of Fuji zoom lenses versus cropping pictures made by short range, bulky DSLR lenses.

Another dig. You need to try singing from a different song sheet.

A thousand mm zoom lens camera has no need to crop the images (I won't mention the intelligent, very sophisticated Fuji in-camera software which uses pixel binning for magnification and which results in lossless magnification by a factor two) If I do I'm sure you start crying.

Intelligent and very sophisticated? You do understand that there is a simple algorithm to take a pair of pixels and combine the data. That this impresses you so much makes sense to me ... in the same way that isolated tribes thought that pretty much everything from our culture was magic.

And regarding pixel binning for magnification, pixel binning actually cuts resolution in half

Put your flints aside and buy a box of matches. Life can be much easier nowadays.


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