Nikon D5200 got very high DXO score

Started Jan 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
philbot Contributing Member • Posts: 846
Re: Nikon D5200 got very high DXO score

It's encouraging to see that sensor tech is still improving, and I hope Sony can rise to the competition and keep the momentum going.

My only concerns are if the colour filters or pre-conditioning are the major 'improvements' used to get higher DxOMark scores (I'm not suggesting this is the case for this sensor, it's just a caveat people need to be aware of..)

Of course, even if Sony matched the sensor peformance, the SLT will ensure it's still behind by an appreciable amount on DxO.. If Sony can perfect on-sensor PDAF, or make the SLT mirror flip up out the way, they'll always be slightly hampered in those benchmarks..

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