Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: No challenge at all

DMillier wrote:

Now perhaps the "Golden eyes" would see some 3D-ness or something that eludes me but to these eyes the prints were comparable. It confirmed what I kinda of already knew - if you don't print larger than standard desktop printers, it doesn't matter what camera you use these days, they all look the same.

Hi David

On this I shall have to disagree, though further discussion here is a bit pointless without prints infront of us, hopefully soon.

As Mark Kermode is fond of saying "put me in a room with them and I'll explain to them why their wrong"

Probably a mistake to invoke Kermode though

PS really wanted to just right "huh?" as it seams yo be de rigueur at the moment. Still learning this forum business.


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