Lens help for Canon 7D

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Re: Lens help for Canon 7D

I'm also one to not like carrying too much when on holidays (learnt from experience). So, like all things in photography, it is a compromise. When you only take one lens, which one will fulfill most of your needs?

For me, the 17-85 IS served me well on all my holidays since I got my DSLR. I've recently upgraded from my 350D to a 600D and have gotten the 15-85 IS as well (haven't field tested it as yet). I suspect 85mm is a bit short for your needs.

If it's just switching lenses that's the problem, you may want to consider a second DSLR body. Otherwise, the compromise will be something you'll have to live with.

I've heard that the Nikon 18-200 VR lens is quite sharp throughout the whole range for a superzoom. Yeah, it's sacrilege to be suggesting Nikon on a Canon forum but if the lens is as good as they say, you could always consider using Nikon for travel and keep the Canon gear for more local use. Isn't the technical gear side of photography all about using the right gear for the application?

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