365 + 1 Days of NEX-7 - PART IV

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Re: 365 + 1 Days of NEX-7 - PART IV

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less than 30 days to go... =;-)


You say "Yeah!" But I am going to miss the daily post to see what you come up with next. It has been a great project for a beginner like me to see what other people frame up in the viewfinder.


even if a project ends, another will start... stay tuned, you won't have to miss me

Once you finish, how about picking your favorites, e.g. one for each month, and putting some text behind the image? Why, what it took, how many takes, pp, etc.

And, differently, highlight, through images, shooting styles' do's and don'ts, as far as they relate to the Nex-7 type of shooting.

Or break out by topic, your shooting preferences, day versus night, natural light versus studio work, subject matter, pp or not, most highly regarded images (and why).

I think that it is a great project, and you have many great pictures posted here...

Nice work!


you guys are right, I should do something like this... may be I could start some tutorials or similar...

I wanted to ask you that Luca.

You have an interesting way to develop low key. I'd like to understand more how you do that

I suspect you start off metering for the highlights and in PP you engulf the entire picture in a 2 or 3 stop darken brush and then slowly paint out that effect with a soft brush, bringing back the pieces where you want the light to shine. Then you apply some S curve to enhance the mid-contrast and clip the darks intentionally in PP.

But I'd love to learn the exact workflow you use for pictures like these:

Duncan, trust me, you make it more difficult than what it is. There is basically no brushing in the three images you selected, the lights are "good" at the time of the shooting. I measure to get the right skin tone, this means that for the scene to be dark the subject has to be directly lit by the main light.
If you set the NEX-7 on vivid, +2 contrast and +2 sharpness you already get something very close to what I do afterwards in post production. I shoot raw because, sometimes, I need to brush a bit of extra light on some elements of the scene, and the raw file allows for a lot of dynamic range, while the jpeg doesn't. For example, in the first shot there's a bit of extra light on the hand with the cigarette, in the second shot I added some light on the ceiling, and in the third shot there's no brushing at all.

I hope this helps

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