Merrill sensored cameras ARE 30MP luminance equivalents to 30MP cameras!

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Re: No challenge at all

I have precisely one RX100 image and that's the one supplied to me by Mr Blissfly.

And as I reported in my A3 to A0 sequence of posts a couple of days ago I printed out comparison prints from the RX100, D800 and DP2M at every size from A4 to A0.

The best (to my eyes) was the D800 and DP2M both capable of excellent A0 prints.

However, what amazed me was the RX100.  Up to A2 the prints from that snapshot camera were indistinguishable from the others. At A1 it started to get more difficult but even so. It was only really at A0 that the little cam got obviously outclassed.

Now perhaps the "Golden eyes" would see some 3D-ness or something that eludes me but to these eyes the prints were comparable. It confirmed what I kinda of already knew - if you don't print larger than standard desktop printers, it doesn't matter what camera you use these days, they all look the same.

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