FZ200 and a very big image!

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Re: FZ200 and a very big image!

NoRules wrote:

Arjun G wrote:

Congratulations on the great image !

would be great to know the technique you used for stacking and producing the final image.

Kind regards,


Hi Arjun!

The technique has been described here before. Just search *stacking* in ths forum from last summer/ autumn. You can use free software, or Photoshop. In Photoshop, put all images as layers in one image, highlight layers, go to Edit and Auto Align. Then alter opacity for each layer; 50%, 33%, 25%, 20%, 17% and so on. With as many as 66 images, I make stacks of 11, enlarge, enhance sharpness, and then stack the stacks. Easy!

Astronomers have been using this technique for ages. Lots of free software out there. You can also use the bracketing setting in the camera for producing HDR images large. Just do a bunch of images with bracketing, and voilá! you have a HDR image at DSLR IQ.

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Thank you no rules.

now I have something to keep me buzy exploring this week. Stacking. I am also trying to get into astrophotography.

I have photoshop cs6. So i will try this out soon.

Should I set the FZ 200 on a tripod to take pictures in the burst mode (55) , 12 MP, RAW+fine jpg, in aperture priority mode.

I am finding it a bit difficult to figure out the science behind stacking. How does 66 images of the same scene (is it the same ISO / A / S) increase resolution when stacked in layers.

I have used in camera HDR and exposure bracketting on the FZ 200. I am totally new to stacking. I am guessing that the purpose of stacking is to make huge rints, the size of billboards or buildings. Am I right?

Thanks and regards,


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