650D/STM: Manual vs Auto Focus

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Re: 650D/STM: Manual vs Auto Focus

Hi there,

I had the same issue when I bought my first t2i.  I took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it.  The next one I took back and exchanged also.  The third one was a charm and focused perfectly.

When I bought my nifty fifty (with my t2i), the same thing happened.  The nifty fifty front focused.  I went through FOUR, yes FOUR, returns until I got one that focused perfectly.

When I bought my t4i and 18-135mm STM lens, the same thing occurred.  Slight front focusing.  I like my pictures to be sharp and clear and perfect.  I expect a $1200 setup to focus perfectly and if it doesn't, I'm returning it.  Needless to say, I exchanged my t4i kit for another.  The second kit focuses perfectly.

You are not crazy.  Your tests are fine.

I found it VERY discouraging to post here at dpreview because so many people called my tests "flawed" even when I tried all sorts of tests and was careful to eliminate most obvious variables.

Simply put, if you can achieve precise live view autofocus, then you take the same shot with phase detect (focused on the same point), then your phase detect shot should also be precisely focused.  If it isn't, you have a problem.  Seems simple enough to me.

The bottom line is that you'll know if your camera is not focusing properly.  Trust your instincts and return it or send it to Canon for calibration (just expect a long wait and nothing to be done the first time).

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