My EM5 vs NEX 6 experience

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Re: My EM5 vs NEX 6 experience

CosmoZooo wrote:

Did you use the touch screen for touch shutter and focus? Did you feel it is a big advantage over non-touch screen?

Did you notice any hunting on the EM5 vs NEX-6 during video?

I've recently tried the Panny Lumix GX1 because I could get it from Costco (no shipping or other penalties). I returned my NEX-6 being unhappy with some of the focus aspects. But comparing that to GX1, I realized how superior the NEX-6 was to GX1 even before the image quality is even considered.

I feel that for my needs OMD doesn't cut it mainly because it doesn't have a built-in flash with bounce. With kids indoors this is a highly underestimated feature and so is the ability to burst with 10fps with focus tracking.

I did handle the OMD for a bit and I can say that both OMD and GX1 pale to the ergonomics of the NEX-6. I didn't think I'd care but the grip on the NEX-6 is so nice and feels such a high quality with that rubbery-leathery (not sure what material) type surface.

I also learned on the GX1 that resistive vs capacitive touch screen is a big deal. On OMD all that was required is a light touch just like the iphone on the GX1 it was often unresponsive requiring too much of a push which created camera shake and the screen could get dirty and oily very quickly especially if my hands were sweating a bit - I learned that because of the camera ergonomics a touch screen is not the amazing thing I hoped it would be especially when you have a longer lens on.


In the end I reordered my NEX-6 and got a better deal with the kit + 55-210. I feel that m43 doesn't have a camera that beats NEX-6 for my needs. Although if Olympus announces E-P5 with 5-axis IBIS and built-in flash I might, might give it a consideration...

My gripes with the NEX-6 are:

- lack of capacitive touch screen - I know what I said but it would still be nice in some cases especially changing subject focus in video.

- issues with focus accuracy under some circumstances

- annoying zoom motor noise in video with 16-50 kit when relatively quiet

- tendency to underexpose with muti-metering mode (i hate that) - I was thinking maybe I should disable the default DRO...could it be because of that. I'll play around otherwise maybe face recognition will help

- face recognition doesn't work with ceneter-weighted metering...what on earth is the deal with that

hmm...that's it for now...:)

Yes. Touch focus and touch shutter were nice and definitely a plus for the EM5. I forgot to mention this.

With the NEx 6 I get by with face detection (multi metering) or center focus and recompose. Sometimes I sue flexible spot but I do not find it very comfortable to use.

And I agree with your gripes about NEX 6. Although I hadn't notice the zoom motor so far.

I usually have exposure compensation to 0.7 when in automatic modes. The good thing is that the detail is always there and very easy to fix in PP for the photos I really care. EM5 clipped a little bit more often.

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